Photograph of the remains of the Old Pier at Carsaig at sunset.






The Bay is located on the south coast of the Ross of Mull and accessed from the A849 west (towards Bunessan) of Pennyghael via an unclassified single-track road which is very narrow in places.


The road descends steeply from Glen Leidle and passes through a plantation of very tall Scots Pines past high waterfalls and Carsaig House on the right to the pier area.


The road becomes steeper and narrows as you get nearer to Carsaig and passing oncoming vehicles can be problematic.


Carsaig Bay itself is comparatively small and overlooked by high steep and craggy hills.


Parking any vehicle at Carsaig can be very difficult. There is no actual car park with visitors leaving their cars in the small stone shod area which once served horse and cart transport when the pier was in full time use.


Because of the limited space and rocky nature of the parking ground, larger vehicles such as Campers may experience difficulty in both actually descending to Carsaig and even more so when trying to turn around at the end of the road to return to the main road.


The pier at Carsaig is now just a shadow of its former self. Only  twenty years ago it extended twice as far into the Bay as it does now. Storms and neglect have resulted in the majority of the stonework collapsing into the sea.


The remaining section has been preserved and gives you an idea of what the whole structure once was.


Perhaps one of the most difficult places to visit on mull by vehicle, Carsaig is well worth the effort.


Bear in mind that you may have to turn around and return to the main road without stopping if parking is not possible.

Photograph of a stormy day at Carsaig with the preserved section of the Old Pier in the foreground.
Photograph of storms of the rocky shoals of Carsaig Bay.
Photograph of waterfalls running down the Glen towards Carsaig Bay alongside the access road.
Photograph of Carsaig Bay towards the west on a stormy day.
Photograph of the collapsed remains nof the Old Pier at Carsaig.
Photograph of sunbeams filtered through heavy cloud over Carsaig Bay.

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