Photograph of Calmac Ferry Righ nan Eilean - Lord of the Isles - tied up for an overnight stay at Craignure.




Craignure - (Scottish Gaelic: Creag an Iubhair)



The main ferry terminal for the Isle of Mull, Craignure is located on the south-east corner of Mull astride the A849 which runs from Salen south to Pennyghael.


Overlooking Craignure Bay the village is a busy hub for all transport coming to and leaving Mull. Served by a Tourist Information Centre, there are good parking facilities and fuel is available.


Refreshments are available in season and there is a Spar shop with quite high prices.


The ferry conveys large numbers of foot passengers throughout the summer months plus all manner of vehicles from cycles through to heavy plant and log lorries.


In between ferry arrivals and departures Craignure is fairly quiet and worth a visit. The Old Pier is in very good condition as is the village Church.


There is wildlife around Craignure as with anywhere on Mull and you stand a chance of seeing any or all of Mull’s species there.


Craignure was home to the former and much missed Mull Railway. A narrow gauge railway with superbly maintained stock. Many visitors on foot came to Mull just to ride on the train from Craignure to Torosay Castle and back.


The railway closed down in 2011 after Torosay Castle was sold and there is now no trace of it. A video of the railway in action can be found on Simply Mull and there is a link to the Railway’s web site on the Links Page.

Photograph of the Old Pier Craignure looking towards the new ferry terminal.
Photograph heavy goods vehicle disembarking form the ferry at Craignure.
Photograph of narrow gauge steam engine Lady of the Isles just off the turntable at the former Mull Railway.
Photograph of a Calmac ferry coming in to Craignure at night.
Photograph of a fishing boat and dinghy tied up at Craignure.
Photograph of the Church of Scotland - Torosay and Kinlochspelve - Craignure
Photograph of Calmac Ferry Isle of Mull tied up at the pier.
Photoigraph of the Craignure Inn viewed from the Old Pier.
Photograph of the Isle of mull Calmac Ferry disembarking, viewed from the Old Pier, Craignure.
Photograph of a water taxi tied up at the Old Pier, Craignure.

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