Photograph looking across Loch Spelve towards Ben Buie from Croggan.






A sparsely populated hamlet on the south east coast of Mull.


Sitting at the eastern mouth of Loch Spelve to the sea, Croggan has a shingle beach, pier and a road that gives way to a rough track leading uphill to a few residences. The eastern shores of the Croggan headland overlook the Firth of Lorn.


A strong tidal rip through the narrow channel from Loch Spelve to the open sea is quite a sight and the views across the Loch to the north and west are well worth seeing.


After turning left offn the A849, turn left opposite Strathcoil just before the Dugald MacPhail (1818-1887) memorial, the road crosses the River Lussa, climbs, descends and follows the north shore of Loch Spelve.


After climbing away from the Loch at its western end, turn left at the telephone exchange and stone Post box and follow the south shore of Loch Spelve to Croggan.


The to Croggan is quite rough and at one point passes beneath an overhanging rock buttress that restricts headroom for large vehicles. There is ample parking on a green area above the beach once Croggan is reached.


There are no public conveniences or refreshment facilities at Croggan.


Croggan’s now derelict pier served as an incoming point for goods and passengers and an outgoing point for cattle and sheep. Another similar pier at Black Mill Bay of the island of Luing just across the Firth of Lorn appears to compliment the Croggan construction.


Coastal vessels were the mainstay for supplies and exports for the isles for many years and eventually faded away with the introduction of modern ferries.


The area around Croggan is remote and beautiful. Spectacular views of cloud formations can be seen on good days and there is a wealth of wildlife living the area.

Photograph of Croggan beach looking towards Ben Buie across Loch Spelve.
Photograph of Sessile Oak Trees on the shores of Loch Spelve, Croggan.
Photograph of Allt à Chorrain river falling towards Loch Spelve, Croggan.
Photograph of abandoned Croft on the shores of Loch Spelve, Croggan.
Photograph of Pontoon landing stage. Croggan.
Photograph looking across Loch Spelve towards Kerrera from Croggan.
Photograph of wind blown Telephone Box. Croggan.
Photograph of the Balancing Rock, Croggan.
Photograph of the Fishing Gnome, Croggan.
Photograph of the Old Pier - looking across Loch Spelve.
Photograph of the Old Pier - looking across Loch Spelve.
Photograph Looking NE across the mouth of Loch Spelve with Càrn Bàn on the left and Kerrera in the distance.

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