Photograph of Oyster Catchers (Haematopus ostralegus) foraging at Garmony, Isle of Mull.

©Barry Turner 2015

Photpgraph of Allt Achada na Moine estuary at Garmony, Isle of Mull.

©Mary Turner 2016







This name refers to an area of land to the east of Druim Bhuide* which straddles the A849 Craignure to Salen Road.

East of the road is a boggy area with the Garmony Burn and Allt Achadh na Moine* river running into it.


The Garmony Burn meanders across a peaty area of wetland into the sea at Garmony point, with Allt Achadh na Moine* to the south running under the road bridge and directly into the sea. The entire strip of land east of the road is a wildlife reserve and home to numerous species of birds and other fauna including otters.


Allt Achadh na Moine* in particular is a gathering spot for Oyster Catchers and Gulls. There are many wildflowers in the area with a very good growth of Scentless Mayweed along the shoreline in the summer months.


There is some parking at Garmony but this can be limited especially with the advent of more motor homes on the island. There are no public conveniences.


A walk from Garmony to Fishnish takes you along the coast and through the plantation area to the wildlife hide.


Garmony is a pretty location with good views of the Sound of Mull and well worth a visit.


* Druim Bhuide – Yellow Ridge – dictionary translation.

*Allt Achadh na Moine (River of the field of the peat bog moor) – dictionary translation.

Photograph of Scentless Mayweed (Tripleurospermum inodorum) growing on the shoreline at Garmony, Isle of Mull.
Photograph of Gorse bushes in flower, Garmony, Isle of Mull.
Photograph of the view north from Garmony looking towards Morvern across the Sound of MUll.
Phptpgraph of a Dipper (Cinclus cinclus) foraging, Garmony, Isle of Mull.
Photograph looking south east along the Sound of Mull towards Oban from Garmony, Isle of Mull.
Photograph of waves rippling over Sea Grass - Garmony, Isle of Mull.

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