Photograph of Knock Estate Holiday Cottages, B8035, Knock, Isle of Mull



Situated to the west of Loch Ba and accessed from the B8035 (Salen to Gribun Road) via Gruline over a small hump backed bridge, Knock is at the heart of the Benmore Estate which encompasses much of the land that borders on Loch na Keal’s southern shores.


Benmore Estate is extremely well maintained and there are several superb holiday cottages near Knock House and Farm.


The location is also a stepping off point for walkers exploring Loch Ba which is fed at its eastern end by the Glencannel  and Clachaig Rivers.


Directly south of Knock are Beinn Bheag, Beinn A’ Ghràig (591m), Beinn Nan Gabhar (572m) and Beinn Fhada (702m) and Ben More (966m).


The areas around Knock and the shores and mountains to the south provide a home to a multitude of species including Golden and White Tailed Eagles, Deer and Otters. Watch the woodlands of Gruline as you approach Knock for Fallow Deer.


When visiting Mull you will almost certainly pass through or pause at Knock.


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