Photograph of Loch Buie shoreline looking towards Laggan Bay and Rubha Àird Lungadain.

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LOCH BUIE - Locha Buidhe (Yellow Loch) or Loch Buy


Approached from Craignure, Loch Buie is reached by turning left at Strathcoil from the A849 (Craignure to Fionnphort Road) and following the single track unclassified road south.


Please note that the road to Loch Buie is single track and not in the best state of repair. There are some passing places but not many places to actually stop and watch wildlife. If you can find somewhere off-road to park, other than a passing place, it is recommended that you walk the shores before going on to Loch Buie.


The road initially climbs then goes downhill through woods before emerging on the shores of Loch Spelve, a large tidal loch.

It continues south and west alongside Loch Spelve then onto the north shores of Loch Uisg, a freshwater loch.


Both Lochs Spelve and Uisg are detailed on their own pages in the Places section.


The drive towards Loch Buie is through an area outstanding for its wildlife.

You may see any number of bird species along the shores of Loch Spelve and might be lucky enough to see Sparrow Hawks, Sea Eagles and the occasional Skua as well as Common Gulls, Heron, Curlew and so on.


Be aware that Otters cross this road without warning. The road goes on to Lochbuie alongside Loch Uisg with a left turn taking you to Croggan at the stone Post Box.


As you leave the shores of Loch Uisg the road is wooded on both sides and forks to the right for Loch Buie. Opening up with a wide expanse of fields and moor below the heights of Ben Buie (717m), the road ends on the shores of Loch Buie.


There is a stone circle at Lochbuie which is well signed and the remains of Moy Castle can be seen to the east of Lochbuie House.


Loch Buie itself is a host to many different species of wildlife. You may be lucky enough to see Bottle Nosed Dolphins in the loch and we have seen them close inshore following fish shoals. We have also seen Otters and Sea Eagles here.


Parking above the shore you can explore and walk in either direction, east taking you past Moy Castle towards Laggan Bay (also with its own page in Places), west taking you towards Rubha Dubh point and Carsaig Bay. This walk (10K/6.2 miles) is very scenic and you will see Carsaig Arches on your right as you approach Carsaig Bay.

Photograph of a Hooded Crow dropping a shell onto Loch Buie beach to break it open at sunset.
Photograph of incoming tide - Loch Buie shores, viewed from the beach.
Photograph of Loch Uisg, Lochbuie road, Isle of Mull.
Photograoph of the bridge over the River Lochuisg with Ben Buie behind.
Photograph of the south-west aspect of Moy Castle, Lochbuie, Isle of Mull.
Photograph of the south-east aspect of Moy Castle, Lochbuie, Isle of Mull.
Photograph of the north-east aspect of Moy Castle, Lochbuie. Isle of Mull.
Photograph of the road to Laggan Sands, Lochbuie Estate, Isle of Mull.
Photograph looking towards Laggans Sands from next to Moy Castle, Lochbuie, Isle of Mull.
Photograph of Laggan Sands looking towards the cliff road and Lochbuie.
Photograph of Ben Buie overlooking Loch Buie.
Photograph of Loch Buie Phone Box and Cherry Tree.

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