Photograph of Loch Spelve, Isle of Mull, looking south east from near the Croggan turn off.

©Barry Turner 2014




Located in the south-eastern ‘corner’ of Mull, Loch Spelve is a large tidal body of water bounded by an unclassified single track road which branches off at its western end with one track running back along the southern shores of the loch to wards Croggan (see entry in Places) and the main track running west to Loch Buie.


The Loch Spelve road is reached by turning off the A849 Craignure to Fionnphort road at Strathcoil. The turning is well sign posted and easy to spot from the road by large monument to Dugald MacPhail which overlooks the turning.


The single-track road passes over the River Lussa that feeds into Loch Spelve and Red Deer can often be seen in the lower fields before the road climbs together with Peacocks, kept by a local resident.


The road then climbs uphill steeply through woods to the right before descending again towards the loch itself.


A superb view opens up on reaching sea level with the road running just above the loch shore.


Loch Spelve has several Mussel and Fish farms located in its waters and is rich in wildlife. The road on both the north and south shores is very basic, as are the passing places. It is also quite busy at times and the passing places are constantly in use.


It is possible to park off road safely in one or two locations and this is recommended to see everything that is there. There are many species of bird life to be seen around the shores of Loch Spelve together with wild flowers, fungi and the occasional Otter.


Common Gulls nest along the northern shores of the loch in the summer and there are resident Herons on both shores.


Please note that Otters may suddenly cross the roads that surround the loch without warning and caution should be exercised at all times.


If you have time, visit Loch Buie and Croggan and you won’t be disappointed.


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