Photograph of the Mishnish Lochs - Lochs Peallach, Meadhoin and Carnain an Amais - Isle of Mull.

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Lochs Peallach, Meadhoin and Carnain an Amais.


The three freshwater lochs are located south of the B8073 Tobermory to Dervaig Road, beginning west of Tobermory. They are interconnected and run east to west, north of the hills Meall Doire nan Damh(237m), Beinn Chregach (260m) and Sròn na Beinne Cragaich (313m).


The lochs supply water to Tobermory and have a dam at their eastern end. Before this, they were separate lochs.


A haven for Trout fishermen (check Tackle and Books at Tobermory for more details) the lochs are home to aquatic plants including water lilies and passage birds are often seen on their waters.  Little Grebe, Red-Throated Diver can be seen year round with Goldeneye, Gooseander and Whooper Swan in winter.


There are some places to park off road alongside the loch, but this is a busy road and there is little or no parking adjacent to the carriageway.


The road to the Mishnish Lochs from Tobermory runs between moorland and like many places on Mull, Raptors can be seen hunting in the area. There are Adders in the area and you may be lucky enough to see one on a sunny day near the roadside.


The Tobermory River runs downhill next to the road and a small waterfall before the reservoir is reached has a healthy colony of beautiful Globe Flowers in the summer.


The view northeast along the lochs can be stunning in the right weather.


Panoramic view of Loch Carnain an Amais, one of the three 'Mishnish' lochs, viewed from the Dervaig road, Isle of Mull.
Photograph of a big sky over Loch Meadhoin, one of the 'Mishnish Lochs', Dervaig Road, Isle of Mull

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