Photograph of Pennygown Chapel and Cemetery, Isle of Mull.

©Barry Turner 2008




Located to the east of Salen, Pennygown is best known for its ancient Cemetery and Chapel together with the Glen Forsa hotel and air strip to the west.


The River Forsa flows north along Glen Forsa towards Pennygown and on into the Sound of Mull.


The graveyard at Pennygown is also home to the remains of the ancient Pennygown Chapel.


Built circa 1200ad, a fine Celtic cross without a head stands within the Chapel’s walls and is carved on one side with a crucifix, vegetation, a griffin and a highland galley and on the other the Virgin and Child.


Outside of the walls of the chapel there are two gravestones with the effigies of a Lord and his Lady. There is some suggestion that they are the graves of a Chief of the Macleans of Duart and his wife.


Pennygown is well worth visiting for the cemetery itself and has a very peaceful atmosphere. For wildlife enthusiasts the grassy areas are home to several different species of fungi.


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