English meaning – The Big Hill Quarry


NM 30419 23892

56.329042 -6.3620496


Located on the Ross of Mull, Tòrr Mòr Qaurry lies north of the Fionnphort above Bull Hole and the remains of the Quarry pier.


Ross of Mull Pink Granite is famous worldwide and its outcrops can easily be seen from Fionnphort above and behind the north part of the village. The quarry was established to harvest this superb rock composed of feldspar, grey quartz and black mica during Mull’s volcanic past. When broke, the granite is a bright pink which fades over time. Granite from Tòrr Mòr is used all over the world and the UK with the largest blocks ever quarried in the UK at 16 metres being extracted.


Skerryvore, Ardnamurchan, Dhu Hartach and Hyskeir lighthouses were built with Tòrr Mòr granite.


The quarry itself can be reached on foot from Fionnphort or by foot from near the 9th Wave restaurant on Bruach Mhor. You might be able to park and walk from the vicinity of 9th Wave, but would need to get permission from the restaurant.


The quarry itself is spectacular and I will leave you to view the images below instead of trying to describe it.


Well worth a visit, with the pier and Bull Hole be accessed via ‘Jacobs Ladder’ a steep set of steps made of the granite itself. A slightly easier route is available too. You may see several wheelbarrows stacked near the bottom of Jacob’s Ladder which are used by the residents of the few dwelling overlooking Bull Hole to transport stores.


The residents of the village of Kintra nearly all worked at Tòrr Mòr Quarry with vast quantities of the granite being transported to Liverpool in 1857 to be used in the expansion of the docks. The quarry eventually closed, re-opened briefly in 1990 then closed for good.


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