HDR photograph of Uisken beach on a stormy day.
Photograph of Beach Baubles (fishing floats), Uisken, Isle of Mull.




Uisgean - meaning "water-bay".



Uisken (pronounced Oosken) is small coastal hamlet located south of the village of Bunessan and overlooking the southern end of the Firth of Lorn with the isles of Colonsay and Jura opposite. It is reach by using the unclassified road from Bunessan which also gives access to Ardlanish Bay west of Uisken.


Situated in  the parish of Kilfinichan and Kilvickeon, Uisken was original a collection of small settlements before the Highland Clearances took place. Developed as a fishing and crofting settlement with a small quay it was known locally as Port Uisken.


Following the Clearance the population in the area crashed and the quay soon fell into disrepair. There were seven crofts in the 1920’s with three remaining today.


There is a fine beach at Uisken which is sheltered by two large rocky islets Eilean an Aba and Eilean Imheir. A reasonable parking area sits above the beach but there are no public conveniences or café (nearest in Bunessan).


A single Standing Stone is located  some 500m north east of Uisken, but is only visible from the top of the hill.


It is however a very peaceful location with an access road passing through a fairly wild moorland area where several species of bird can be seen together with Orchids and other wild flowers. We have also seen Hen Harriers hunting the area.


There is a notable memorial situated on a large tidal outcrop on the beach to George A Campbell who was lost at sea in 1999 age 25. The memorial is surrounded by Sea Pink and lichen and is quite beautiful.


If you are staying on the Ross of Mull, Uisken is definitely worth a visit.


Photograph of Sea Pink (Armeria maritima), Uisken Beach, Isle of Mull.
HDR photograph of Uisken beach on a stormy day.
Photograph of a Common Buzzard (Buteo buteo) on a rocky outcrop, Uisken, Isle of Mull.

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